About Us

The Olive team are categorized and put into different sections where solutions are made. We are a new Web 2.0 Application company. Currently we are developing applications for mobile navigation simplicity with location based services with music and lifestyle content. We work along side/partner with:

Cradle Investment Program, Malaysia (a wholly owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary) along with Nokia Asia funds oliveapps.com projects.

Currently Collaborating as

  • Regional Music Consultants for South East Asia for Shazam Entertainment
  • Forum Nokia PRO Members

Design & Concept Architect

Whose responsibility is to create concepts and evaluate existing models. Use them, rectify or create another model maintaining the needs and raw concept of the clients.

Content Architect

Takes care of the content outline and navigational approach to the content by providing alternative design that best suits the users requirement.

Music Architect

Specializes in providing framework to music based web or mobile platforms and creates the concept around which the who team will revolve in providing the best solutions.

External Programming Architect

As the name suggests takes care of the Initial programming & programming design, software requirements and provides easier and cost effective solutions after the design and content is provided by the rest of the team.

Roaming Architects

Independent architects who take the Initial design work from the team and approach the real market and connect the dots to get a "accurate customer approach to need relationship census" to fit it into the web or mobile based applications and make it easier for the client to use or distribute.

The Coffee Architect

Experts in the "coffee making business" that provide the best coffee that suits every mood for everyone in the team and the client. You wouldn't want to have your coffee anywhere else.